Woo Wellness Spa & Salon, New Delhi Review

A spa session at Woo Wellness Spa & Salon is all set to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.
27 March, 2018
Bindu Gopal Rao

If you want to experience “tranquility through transcendence” head to the Woo WellnessSpa & Salon at Pullman Aerocity, New Delhi. This is where urban souls canescape the humdrum of the daily grind for a few hours to relax and rejuvenate.


As youenter the floor on which the spa is located, the aroma that wafts through thespace is so enchanting that it immediately transports you to another world. Thisis a space that allows you to immerse yourself in an indulgent sojourn thatcelebrates you, an experience supported by the four cornerstones of theservices at WOO – Hydration, Purification, Authenticity and Anti- stress.

Therapy Matters

I washere on a rather cold winter evening and was pleased when I was suggested thehot stone massage. This is a treatment that uses hot flat stones as part of themassage ritual and is available as a 60 or 90 minute option. After changing,Kim started the session with meditation and a foot cleaning ritual. This firststep was the start of all things good as it immediately calmed my mind and sentme to a state of peace and quiet. After this I was asked to lie face down forthe massage. Hansdhwani oil from Kama a combination of Ylang Ylan, Lemon andBasilin a rich Jojoba, Sesame and Sunflower oil base was used in this massage.Ylang Ylang is an effective antiseptic and a muscle relaxant. When combinedwith invigorating Lemon and distressing Basil essential oils, it creates anenergizing blend that clears the mind and relieves fatigue. Checking with me ifthe level of pressure was okay, Kim ensured that all the tiredness in mymuscles was released through the movements of her hands.  Once the oil based massage was done, Kimrepeated the same with warm flat stones that felt absolutely awesome. Thestones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat.Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness andincreases circulation and metabolism. The hot stones also expand blood vessels,which encourages blood flow throughout the body. Interestingly my masseur useddifferent hand techniques and synchronized movements like long strokes,circular movements, vibration, tapping and kneading to ensure that the massageloosened all the tough muscles. The procedure is repeated all across the bodyand feels completely therapeutic. After the 90 minute ritual, the 30 minutefacial massage was ideal as I also went in for an oil based head massage thatrelaxed my mind completely. Post the session, a hot steam and shower and a nicecup of warm tea ensured that my day was well spent.

Wellness Offers

The spaoffers several other therapies as well and uses only indigenous handcraftedAyurvedic products. These include the country’s foremost authentic, traditionallycelebrated skin care brands with its foundation rooted deep into the ancientscience of Ayurveda. In fact WOO has introduced the French brand Phytomer, theonly skincare company in the world that has mastered marine biotechnologies andthe use of marine micro-organisms to produce new, totally unprecedented,natural active ingredient to add to the experience of their guests. In fact thespa offerings here have all been painstakingly researched and include someinteresting treatments like Frangipani Body Wrap that uses jojoba and whiteclay to exfoliate the skin and a richly scented moisturizer to replenishessential moisture. Also the Tropical Delight uses coconut as a key ingredientto deeply nourish and repair your skin. This treatment is perfect for dry anddehydrated skin from overexposure to sun or lack of moisture and water andincludes Coconut body polish, Coconut body wrap, a 90-minute coconut bodymassage and a scalp massage over 180 minutes. In fact at WOO you are bound tobe spoilt for choice as far as the treatments are concerned. So what are youwaiting for? Simply indulge!

Fact File

Name of The Spa: Woo Wellness Spa & Salon

Established:November 2015

Founders: WooWellness Spa & Salon is a part of Pullman & Novotel New Delhi.

Architect: MariamHall

Area/Size: 16,000sq ft

Treatment rooms: 8

Number of aestheticians: 10

Signature Treatment: Shirodhara, Stone Therapy, Thai Meridian Body Massage

Timings: 6 a.m.to 12 a.m. midnight


Address: WooWellness Spa & Salon, Pullman New Delhi & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity,Asset No. 2, Delhi Aerocity, GMR Hospitality District, Indira GandhiInternational Airport, New Delhi - 110037, India

Website: http://www.pullmandelhiaerocity.com


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