The Zodiac Spa & Salon, Mumbai Review

Rejuvenate your senses with these calming treatments based on your sun sign
07 April, 2018
Nidhi Soparawala

Ever imagined getting a spa treatment based on your Zodiac sign? Well a regular spa therapy seems too mainstream these days. Rasi, The Zodiac Spa & Salon offers unique spa treatments based on your sun sign. With a country that is obsessed with astrology and zodiac signs, a spa treatment dedicated to this idea seems to hit the bull’s eye.



As obvious as it is, one must understand that each zodiac sign will have its own preferences when it comes to the various aspects of a spa experience. Right from the kind of massage technique offered, to the body wraps available, from the choice of aromatherapy to specific body parts benefitting from the healing and balancing treatments, will depend on the person’s zodiac sign.

For instance, according to astrology, every zodiac sign has a weak body point that is prone to pain. These weaknesses are treated with the massage treatment suitable for that particular sun sign. Even the oils used for the various treatments are designed uniquely.



The décor at Rasi is inspired by modern and contemporary look with the usage of greys, gold and earthy colours. These colours break through from the concept of beiges and wood colours used worldwide and at the same time bring in the new colours with the warmth of a spa. Pebbles have been used with wooden flooring, blinds, brass rods, concrete for walls etc as materials and textures. The LED lighting along with blue and yellow lights have been used keeping the common colours of the spa décor in mind. International flavours are incorporated in the design and décor of the spa and the concept of sun signs are incorporated in the ceiling, starting from the reception area, along the runway that leads to the spa rooms, to the flooring with its lighting.


My Experience

Since my sun sign is Taurus, I was looking forward to a spa journey of 120 minutes based on my sun sign. As soon as I arrived at the spa, I was greeted with a warm smile at the reception by the staff here. I was offered Iced Tea, which was refreshing. I was explained about Rasi Journey Treatment and the procedure that will be followed for my zodiac sign. Since, Taurus Zodiac Sign being an earth sign is known to be practical, determined and governing the neck, shoulders and throat, the treatment I was going to be offered would cater to my body’s weak points. I was then made to replace my shoes with comfortable cloth slippers. I then filled the consultation form to inform about my medical conditions if any. Once the procedures were over, I was guided by my therapist, Rebecca Inbuon to my treatment room on a beautiful pathway made of wooden flooring that was well lit with pebbles on both sides.

As soon as I entered my treatment room, I felt instant calmness thanks to the lighting, the soothing music in the background and colours of the walls. I was already excited about what my spa treatment was going to be like. My Rasi Taurus Journey began with a foot cleansing ritual, afterwhich Rebecca massaged the governing areas with relaxing strokes to reduce stiffness and soreness that I felt in my back and shoulders. Following this, Taurus herbal oil was used along with long soothing strokes for the massage which made my entore body relax and feel light as a feather. The treatment was then concluded with a body wrap to help soften and detoxify the skin followed by a soothing chime of bells. A personalized steam was the last leg to complete this beautiful journey.

This was an interestingly beautiful experience and if you wish your body to be instantly relieved and completely pampered Rasi, The Zodiac Spa & Salon is where you need to go!



Name of the Spa: Rasi, The Zodiac Spa & Salon

Established: 2011

Founders: Tabeer Amrohi

Architect: Rushabh Parekh

Number of treatment rooms: 4 spa rooms, a couple room with Jacuzzi, 2 beauty rooms, scalp & foot rejuvenation room & a salon

Area/Size: 3500 sq.ft.

Number of Aestheticians: 15

Signature Treatment: Rasi Journey Treatment

Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

Address: S2, 2nd Floor, The Link, New Link Road, Next To Audi Showroom, Andheri (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400053

Contact: 90229 92211



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