Step 1:

Separate hair into 3 sections. One at the fringe area, one from the temples to the crown and one low in the nape.

Step 2:

Fishtail braid the front pony, which begins close to the hairline.

Step 3:

Beginning at the bottom and working your way to the top, use your finger tips to pull out the braid.

Step 4:

Twist the braid around and pin it to create a faux fringe.

Step 5:

Spray with Pravana NEVO Super Shape Hairspray.

Step 6:

Fishtail braid top ponytail.

Step 7:

Pull hair out from each side of the braid to make it much wider. When finished, secure the end with a small elastic.

Step 8:

Create a bungee with two bobby pins and a small elastic.

Step 9:

Flip the top pony forward and bungee it down. Flip back.

Step 10:

Attach the braid.

Step 11 :

Spray into place.

Step 12:

Divide bottom pony into two sections.

Step 13 :

Fishtail braid the two bottom ponytails.

Step 14:

Pull out the braid to make it larger. Be sure to hold on tightly. Pull from the bottom. Work side to side.

Step 15 :

Twist each braid to create a low chignon.

Step 16:

Secure with pins or by sewing into place. Then, give hair a final spritz of hairspray.