Anthony Mascolo talks about his journey with the hairdressing industry and his passion.

For all those budding hairdressers longing to excel in their own unique ways, this rendezvous with the legend of the hairdressing industry, Anthony Mascolo, Co-Founder and Creative Director TIGI, was inspirational. While the pandemic got us go virtual, the TIGI Backstage Heroes was still a success with over 3000 participants. The webinar was a wonderful combination of knowledge, art and skill with Anthony in conversation with India’s most celebrated hairstylist Aalim Hakim – Founder and Director Hakim’s Aalim Salon.

The maestros came together in a casual virtual set up to speak about Anthony’s take on education, teamwork, innovative hairdressing, and his journey.

How it started

Coming from a family of hairdressers, and with love for hairdressing, Anthony was bound to join the fraternity. But his passion and dedication drove him into setting up the TIGI International Creative Team in 2003, where he, as the founder, continues to lead the company as their International Art Director.

It was a super fun afternoon and an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you @tigiindia” – Natasha Naegamwala – Hairdresser & Director – Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin

Avant-garde and photography

Anthony Mascolo has long been at the forefront of avant-garde and artistic hairdressing, winning many accolades and head-lining numerous hairdressing shows across the globe. “Deep down we’re all artists and we want to create something. The avant-garde allows you to do

whatever you want. Hair is a material that can be changed into whatever you want it to be”, says Anthony.

Anthony’s journey with photography started while working with other photographers and magazine shoots where he felt what he saw in the hair wasn’t showing up in the images which led him to become a photographer himself.

Anthony’s take on competition and education

Education is the first priority for Anthony. “You need to be good at what you do and you’ll stay good at it if you keep learning. Manage your education into constant learning and that’s how you gain more knowledge” he said. Anthony believes that Competitions give you a reason to create something and a challenge, a goal. It allows you to see where you belong and what you need to do to get better in the craft.

“Anthony Mascolo is a legend and will always inspire every hairdresser to excel in their career and shine like a diamond” – Shailesh Moolya – Technical Director – Juice Salons & Academy

INFRINGE – The passion project

Summing it all, Anthony spoke about his passion project, where he brought his creativity and skills to life. “Adding hobbies to what you do is important to transform your work into something unique. INFRINGE is about everything but also what we do as service providers. Anthropology of hair has a history, culture, and every country does different things for different reasons, and it’s great to present it as information. It’s a part of the modern art culture,” says Anthony.

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