Richa Agarwal throws light on how make-up pros can make the most of airbrush make-up to create flawless looks for their clients.


Airbrush make-up is raging in the beauty industry especially for its ability to create a smooth finish and natural make-up looks for ramp shows, movies and art performances. With safety and hygiene being the top priority, this technique has picked up demand and is quite popular.

In conversation with SS WEEKLY, Richa Agarwal, Founder of Cleopatra Salon & Spa and HBS Make-up Jury Head shares her expert insights on the benefits of airbrush make-up and mistakes to avoid.

How is Airbrush make-up unique from traditional make-up?

Airbrush Make-up is innovative, increases our potential to engage in different experiences, enhances our skills and leads to greater creativity. Especially, at times like this (COVID) when we are cautious about human touch, it is the safest practice.

It is far more hygienic than traditional make-up as there’s no skin touch involved. This way, there is no dirt, oil, or bacteria transfer while applying make-up. It is an excellent choice for
make-up artists and works perfectly for clients who are prone to breakouts, unlike traditional make-up tools that can harbour bacteria.

What are the benefits of airbrush make-up?

  • Long-lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Full coverage
  • Evens the skin tone
  • Minimal make-up
  • Natural finish

My personal favourite is airbrush highlighters as it gives gorgeous results. Tip: Prepare the skin properly by cleansing, toning, moisturizing followed by using a primer (for best results)
before starting airbrush make-up.

What are the common airbrush make-up mistakes?

Owing to a lack of technical knowledge, make-up artists often can’t perform the technique correctly and the end result is not as perfect as they desire. Artists need good control and
practice to apply the technique. Also, when dealing with complicated skin (pigmented, acne, rough skin, uneven texture, etc.) they face difficulty in combining air-brush with other make-up products and techniques. When doing corrective make-up, make-up artists need to understand the choice of airbrush, the process and the use of products.

Airbrush Make-up Bridal Look

“The power of Airbrush Make-up is undeniable, and it will be the future of beauty technology.”

How can make-up artists master the art of airbrush make-up?

Make-up professionals need to thoroughly research, study, understand from make-up professionals and practice how airbrushing can be combined with HD and/or traditional make-up. They should gain technical knowledge of airbrushing and the usage of the products.

Airbrushing is a superlative choice for professionals who are doing shows, shoots, ramp and creative looks, and make-up for photoshoots, as it gives beautiful results. This technique works
marvelously for body painting, body art and general body base as it is quick and evens out the skin tone.