Make your salon attractive by choosing the right colour palette

Colours play a pivotal role in the overall appeal of a salon, often influencing the footfall. A salon’s interior can either attract or turn the customer away. As they say, ‘The first impression is the last impression’ and this holds true many a time. Customers judge a salon not only by its staff’s experience and capabilities, but also by the hygiene and aesthetics of the place.

Thus, your salon design is of utmost importance to its commercial success. Hence, it is critical to look into every aspect of the salon design – from the reception area, the furniture and fixtures, to the colour scheme of the walls and the material used.

StyleSpeak gives you tips on choosing the right colour palette for your salon interiors to make it more appealing and welcoming.

What do colours signify?

Every colour has a significance, and it brings out certain energy and vibe. In fact, each colour has a different effect on the brain and gives out a unique emotional vibe. So, it is best to choose the colour palette as per the clientele you want to attract and the overall appeal you want for your salon. The idea is to have an environment that adapts to the clientele and makes them feel warm and welcome. Have a look at the symbolism of each colour and then use your colour palette.

  1. White – It signifies peace, purity, and light.
  2. Black- It is the colour of luxury and signifies sophistication and class.
  3. Blue- It denotes confidence and safety.
  4. Yellow- The colour of the sun, symbolises positivity, creativity, and energy.
  5. Green- It denotes serenity and freshness. In this colour, the lighter shades signify relaxation and equanimity, while the darker ones are associated with wealth and prestige.
  6. Red- It is the colour of passion, energy, fire, and provocation. You should use this colour with caution.
  7. Purple- It is a mix of red and blue and hence, takes from these hues, signifying spirituality and mystery. The lighter lavender shade evokes romance and nostalgia.
  8. Orange- It is a fun colour that denotes exuberance and vitality, often associated with younger people.
  9. Brown- The colour of the earth, it gives out feelings of stability and grace.

How to combine colours to bring out the best?

Rooms: While deciding on the colour scheme of a salon, the first thing to consider is the size of the room. Cooler shades should be used for smaller rooms as they reflect more light and make spaces look bigger. On the other hand, if the room is huge, you could use dark shades and touches of red as they will give the feeling of dimensions.

Ceilings: Using the right colour is very crucial for ceilings as well. If your salon has a low ceiling and you want to give it the feel of height, opt for neutral or cool colours, lighter than those of the walls. To make high look lower than they are, it is best to use shades darker the walls in colours like brown, or blue.

Corridors: Narrow and winding spaces like corridors should also be painted in the right shades to prevent them from looking very dingy. Cool and light colours like blue, white and other pastel shades to give it an optical illusion of more space.

Floors: Most people forget about the floor colour scheme. It is vital in the overall appeal of the space as flooring is the first surface people look at as soon as they enter a salon. If your walls are dark, choose a neutral, light colour for the floor, but if the walls are light, you can experiment with a nice bright floor.

Salon style and colour scheme

All salon interiors give out a particular vibe to the clients. The colours should be in accordance with that style.

For instance, if you want to give your salon a Contemporary Feel, you should go in for colours like grey, brown, a hint of purple, and blues.

If you want to give the salon a Classic Feel, it would be a good idea to try out deeper shades like ochre yellow, dark reds, blacks and greys. They give out the feeling of elegance and royalty.

If your style is more Earthy and Rustic, go in for warm shades. Derivatives of orange, yellow, red, and even brick colours would work beautifully.

If you want to go in for a more Nordic Style, shades like greys, olive greens work well. You can also have elements and details like partially coloured walls in orange, violet or black.

Most often, the decor and aesthetics of a salon are the deciding factors for customers to choose one salon over the other. And colour plays a vital role in transforming a space from being appalling to appealing. So, use these simple tips and tricks to customise your space and give your clients a unique experience.