TIGI India launched the first-ever Inspirational Youth Program in May. This program is an opportunity for hairdressers in India to serve as role models for the community. The main aim of the program is to have a group of hairdressers and artists who can motivate people in the industry with their creativity, hard work, and innovation.

The introductory welcome session was held earlier in May. The first lot of Inspirational Youths were taken from metros including Kolkata, Delhi, and Pune. Under this program, the chosen members will get to train with TIGI global trainers. They will have access to any global launch and will be able to showcase their work through different mediums, including tigifuse.com. They will also get a chance to be the core member and mentor of the third season of Backstage Heroes. These chosen ones will create content for TIGI India using TIGI products in their salons. They will also partner with the brand in other different ways too.