LeeAs presents their new venture ‘LeeAs NutraCosmetics’, to achieve cosmetic goals via optimal use of nutritional supplements and cosmetic science. They have introduced a range of immune boosting nutra-supplements to enable healthy living. Their range of products include Goldmine CP+, Dermi Radiance and Gmine C+. Goldmine CP+ works wonderfully for reverse ageing whereas Dermi Radiance helps in skin brightening and radiant glow. Gmine C+ is an immunity booster and beauty enhancer. LeeAs Gmine C+ is infused with major nutrients like glutamine, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and other essential micro-nutrients.

All these products are vegan and cruelty-free. The USP of LeeAs’ nutra supplements is that the key nutrients help in enhancing beauty along with boosting immunity. The brand also offers remarkable nutritional support for skin, hair and body related problems including dry skin, ageing, pigmentation, pre and post-pregnancy concerns, menopause, stress management, stretch marks, underarm, neck tanning, acne and acne scars issues, dandruff, hair fall problems and nail care supplements.