An expert guide on understanding your client’s needs while fixing a bad haircut.

Hairstyling is an art that’s unique to each individual. Every face shape, hair texture and the density of the hair plays a crucial role in bringing out the best look one desires and must be considered in creating the right look.

When a client walks in to fix what she considers to be a ‘bad’ haircut, it may not necessarily be a bad haircut, but just one that doesn’t fit her idea of a hairstyle. However, if it is actually a case of a bad haircut, you could take the following corrective steps:


  • Truncate
    Trim the hair to the length where most of the uneven layers are chopped, making sure you don’t cut too much of her length off.
  • Change Upside Down
    1. Change the hairstyle completely
    2. Know the possibilities well
    3. Discuss your ideas with the client
    4. Show some reference images of what you’re planning to create

  • Be Patient

    Sometimes a bad haircut could also leave no scope for the stylist to redo anything. Cutting even an inch more could make it worse. In such cases, request your client to wait for the length to grow out and later when we have the canvas ready, give it your best shot.
  • Smoothening
    Smoothening as a treatment straightens the hair, resulting in the shabby haircut to fall flat instead of looking out of shape (at least with the layers), after straightening you can do a quick one length and that’s about it.


Men’s fashion is booming and as a hairstylist, I am myself very bullish on the trend. But men are fussy about their looks too, especially about their hair. Here are some tips and tricks on correcting a bad haircut for them.

Fade It
The most classic way of correcting an unbalanced haircut for men, is to fade it shorter as compared to what it is and that would bring more neatness to the overall look.

Make It Messy
This may sound a bit faulty, but sometimes there’s no grey escape. So, if the haircut is already half way messy, just elevate it to a complete messy hairstyle. It goes well with men who know how to self-groom.

“It’s not about how Perfect you are, but how Persistent you are”


How to avoid giving a bad haircut?

The thumb rule to avoiding a bad haircut is consultation. It’s essential to thoroughly understand what exactly your client is looking for, how much of a change they are open to, and if they can practically carry the hairstyle. Also, your client’s lifestyle plays an important role while choosing what best you can do to help them. Hair texture is another crucial aspect to be considered while deciding on how to correct a bad haircut. You have to first look into these points in detail and then offer the best possible options based on a consultation. It becomes much easier for you and your client to visualize what would best suit their need.
Also, I recommend my hairdresser friends to always share reference pictures or videos of the hairstyle you’re planning to create with your client, so they exactly know what you are creating and are prepared for it.

It is always a safe-practice to keep your work recorded and share it with clients for better understanding and ideation. The easiest way to do this is, to click pictures/videos of your previous work, make a bank of content and upload all your work on social media platforms such as Instagram and other mediums. Happy Haircutting!